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  • The Gang's All Here
    The Gang's All Here
    Written by datura48 Home for the summer from college, I was up in my room online. Bored and horny, I had just loaded some porn...
  • Trusting
    Written by sr71plt "You must relax and trust me. It's for your own good. You must be very still or there could be damage."I did...
  • Key to My Crotch
    Key to My Crotch
    Written by anonymous_a For some reason the previous owners of the house I'm currently living in had a shed built in the back...
  • Storybook
    Written by JacobGoody My name is Pete, and I'm going to tell you a story. Now, It might be long, but I like to think its a good...
  • Caribbean Christmas Cruise
    Caribbean Christmas Cruise
    Written by KeithD "Look, there it is again," Jerrod said, turning his tablet around so that Kyle could see the screen. "It's...

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